Reputation Dynamics and #GivingTuesday


Reputation Dynamics is proud to support #GivingTuesday by forming inclusive partnerships and mobilizing collective action between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. We are committed to building resilient communities and focus areas include forest and wildlife protection, women’s economic security and youth education.

Reputation Dynamics is excited to highlight the following client initiatives:

American Forests: Protecting and restoring threatened forest ecosystems. 

Women’s Funding Network: Mobilizing the financial power and collective action of more than 100 foundations on the front lines of gender equality.

TCU’s Discovering Global Citizenship Program: African Rhino Community Centre (ARCC) for enhanced rhino protection and human development in South Africa.

Reputation Dynamics - Elephant Art Shop:  Protection of the endangered African elephant species.

As we celebrate our national day of giving in support of nonprofit organizations, it is important to work together collectively to address our pressing world issues. Reputation Dynamics welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your #GivingTuesday initiatives, exchange knowledge and explore opportunities to collaborate.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing information about how to support these terrific initiatives.


Sam Taylor, Founder of Reputation Dynamics