Just do it

I spoke last week with a senior ad executive who told me that her company had won a substantial global piece of business because they had been able to provide – on request - an existing CSR presentation that addressed all aspects of their business and client relationships. None of their competitors had established a CSR point of view. Their big thinking had paid off handsomely with a relatively small amount of effort.

I suggest that all new business and client relationships should by default include an understanding of the CSR positions of both sides. And all corporate departmental planning and budgeting should be required to include a CSR component. This can start small – it needn’t be hard. As Sam says it can take its cue from shareholders and employees – this has the potential for dramatically improving those bonds of loyalty. Weave it into the existing systems of a business and it will become engrained. It will make managers and buyers feel good and it will make them think anew about their company’s position in the larger world.

The upside is huge for corporations and for the world.

Michael Pollock
President, The Cyrano Project (www.cyranoproject.org)