Reputation Dynamics forms Partnership with Climb the Green Ladder: Sustainability Training Critical for Retaining Talent and Competitive Edge

Reputation Dynamics, in partnership with Climb the Green Ladder, provides training sessions for corporations and non-profits to learn all about sustainability and social change, the business imperative, as well as how to develop and champion stakeholder-driven programs. The program also features a special emerging market session on social change development in Africa. "Social change, sustainability and 'Going Green' is the evolution of an accepted management paradigm and a key component for safeguarding reputation and competitive business edge - despite an economic slowdown," said Samantha Taylor, Reputation Dynamics founder and president. "Many organizations have enjoyed substantial benefits from their programs, while others are still postponing development." Seventy-eight percent (78%) believe the value of a job candidate's environmental and sustainability knowledge will increase in importance as a hiring factor within five years. (The Engaged Organization: March 2009).

"Engaging employees with sustainability opportunities has become a critical factor, despite lay-offs, as organizations continue to struggle with attracting and retaining talent for the long term," added Samantha.

Companies continue to be under the gun to implement effective sustainability and social change initiatives to address society's widespread challenges including healthcare, poverty, environmental issues and workplace development - all in conjunction with greater stakeholder mobilization and driving profit.

Sustainability spans a variety of social, economic and environmental activities by organizations that demonstrate their commitment to society on a local or global level, responsible business operations, grass-roots education initiatives and accountability of charitable contributions. These policies and programs can be designed to complement and enhance a company's business strategy, mission, cultural values and workforce development initiatives.

Customized, collaborative sessions, led by Samantha Taylor and associate partner - Shari Aaron (author of Climb the Green Ladder: Wiley), will address trends, best practices and approaches for effectively aligning 'Doing Good in Society' with business, stakeholder and community needs.

A typical agenda includes the following components:

  • Role and impact of sustainability, social change and green marketing
  • Top global concerns
  • Impact on brand, reputation and performance
  • Making the business case
  • The new relationship dynamics between the for-profit and non-profit sectors
  • Integration within the organization - connecting the dots with the CMO, HR and employees
  • Positioning and messaging for impact
  • Experiential marketing and campaign development
  • Emerging market spotlight - Africa
  • Evaluation and results benchmarking

Please contact Sam Taylor for further details about the program, cost and registration: - (212) 979 6092.