The Uncondemned

Community Collaboration: Building Meaningful Partnerships for Impact - Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Webinar: Wednesday July 13, 2016; 12:00 PM ET
Partnerships are an increasingly important component of companies' corporate citizenship strategies. From purely philanthropic alliances to more complex, fully integrated collaborations, companies pursue a wide array of partnerships to achieve community involvement goals.

Sound understanding and management of a complex set of issues will help to ensure that your partnerships have the ability to impact social issues and return value back to the business.

Join us on July 13th to help you deliver on your programs' full potential.

Featured Speakers:

Hilary S. Ayala, Director of Strategic Partnerships Programs, Con Edison
Hope Barter, Principal, Energy Tech High School
Reisa Brafman, Social Consciousness Leader of Community Partnerships & Women's Initiatives, EILEEN FISHER
Kim Bogucki, Detective and Co-founder of the IF Project
Michele Mitchell, Co-Director of The Uncondemned, Producer, Writer
Samantha Taylor, Social Impact Coordinator for The Uncondemned, Founder of Reputation Dynamics

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