Aligning ‘Doing Good in Society’ with Business and Experiential Tourism

Reputation Dynamics Founder Sam Taylor will be moderating a panel on ‘Business and Experiential Tourism’ in conjunction with the 7th Biennial U.S.– Africa Business Summit: Realizing the Investment Power of Africa, to be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., September 29 – October 1, 2009.

The African continent continues to show potential as a leading foreign direct investment destination for American businesses, despite the economic downturn nations around the globe are currently experiencing.

According to the IMF, Africa is still expected to maintain a positive growth rate of 3.4% for 2009, an impressive achievement for the continent. The continent is seeing increasingly higher levels of investment in industries such as infrastructure, financing, tourism, agribusiness, health, and energy.

About the Summit: The U.S.-Africa Business Summit is expected to attract more than 1,500 leaders from the private and public sectors in the U.S. and Africa. The summit has a stellar track record of bringing together U.S. and African heads of state and their cabinet ministers, along with CEOs of fortune 500 companies, and heads of international organizations. In addition to an agribusiness plenary, participants will have the opportunity to attend more than 50 industry-specific sessions and workshops on other promising sectors in Africa, including infrastructure, natural resources, health, financing, power, social responsibility and tourism.

Business and Experiential Tourism Panel Details
Thursday, October 1, 2009 - 10.30-12.00

Moderator - Sam Taylor, Founder of Reputation Dynamics


Elizabeth (Liz) Culkin - Vice President, ASTA
Leslee Hall - Botswana Tourism Board, Partner Concepts
Karen Hoffman - Tanzania Tourism Board, The Bradford Group
Dennis Pinto - Managing Director, Micato Safaris

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), ‘sun-and-sand-tourism’ has now matured as a market and its growth is projected to remain flat. In contrast, experiential tourism, encompassing eco-, volunteer, heritage, cultural, and adventure tourism is expected to grow three times faster than the tourism industry as a whole. Beginning in the 1990s, this sector has grown up to 34% per year and could grow to 25% of the world’s travel market within six years, taking value of the sector to $473.6 billion a year. The workshop will cover the opportunities for participation, investment and growth potential for the continent. About The Corporate Council on Africa: Established in 1993, The Corporate Council on Africa is a nonpartisan 501 (c) (3) membership organization of nearly 180 U.S. companies dedicated to strengthening the commercial relationship between the U.S. and Africa. CCA members represent nearly 85 percent of total U.S. private sector investments in Africa. The organization is dedicated to bringing together potential business partners and to showcase business opportunities on the continent.

Currently, 85 percent of all U.S. private sector investment in Africa comes from CCA members.

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